Interested in volunteering for VolTran?

The greatest need is for Volunteer Drivers. To become a driver with VolTran, the person must fill out a Volunteer Driver Interest Form, must be 21 years of age or older, have proof of car insurance, have a valid driver’s license and inspection sticker, and must agree to a motor vehicle record check.

VolTran does not and shall not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion (creed), gender, gender expression, age, national origin (ancestry), disability, marital status, sexual orientation, or military status, in any of its activities or operations. These activities include, but are not limited to, hiring and firing of staff, selection of volunteers and vendors, and provision of services. We are committed to providing an inclusive and welcoming environment for all members of our staff, clients, volunteers, subcontractors, vendors, and clients.

To become a volunteer with VolTran, the person must fill out an application form. The following roles are available to volunteers:

Volunteer Driver Position Description


  • Age – Driver must be 21 years of age or older.
  • Valid Driver’s License – Driver’s license must be valid to drive in Virginia. A copy of your license will be kept by VolTran for our records.
  • Proof of Insurance – Driver must show proof of insurance that meets the minimum requirements for insurance in Virginia. A copy will be kept by VolTran for our records.
  • Valid Inspection Sticker – Car being used to drive passengers must have a valid inspection sticker. This will be noted in your file.
  • Screening – Driver must agree to have a Motor Vehicle Record Check and a background check in order to drive for VolTran.
  • Training – Driver must complete a VolTran training/orientation. Please check with our Volunteer Coordinator to see if we have reciprocity with other volunteer driving organizations.


  • Driver will arrive on time.
  • Driver’s car will be clean and free of clutter.
  • Driver will know route to the destination.
  • Driver will be kind and courteous at all times.
  • Driver will use seat belts in their vehicle at all times.
  • Driver will respect the privacy and confidentiality of passengers.
  • Driver will not transport a passenger if they feel safety is an issue.

To become a volunteer with VolTran, the person must fill out an application form.

All our volunteer drivers are covered by supplemental insurance purchased by VolTran. This coverage is in excess of your personal liability insurance policy.

Volunteer Retention and Development

Volunteer keeps all Volunteer Application Forms up-to-date and available electronically as well as in paper form. This includes the Driver Recruitment Form, Volunteer Application, and DMV Form, if applicable.

Volunteer gives the completed records to the Treasurer who keeps them in a locked file or file box. Records for each volunteer includes their application form, a copy of their proof of car insurance, and a copy of the current Driver’s License.

Volunteer keeps the Volunteer Contact List updated. Volunteer Contact List should include addresses, phone numbers, and emails. This list must be available to the Board and also to the Volunteer Ride Coordinator.

Volunteer develops a personal relationship with the VolTran volunteers. They are responsible for a quarterly newsletter to be emailed to each volunteer. They are also responsible for planning and implementing the quarterly Volunteer Socials (July, October, January, April).

It is important to recognize the contributions of our volunteers to the success of VolTran. Awards for years of service, miles/hours driven, gas gift cards, will be coordinated by this volunteer. Newsletter should have uplifting stories from passengers and drivers along with photos if possible.

To become a volunteer with VolTran, the person must fill out an application form.

Calls to the VolTran phone number are answered by staff at the FAMS One Call Center. The Call Center emails the Volunteer Ride Coordinator with ride requests. The Call Center also maintains a Google Sheet with the requester’s name, address, and phone number; the date, time, and place of the appointment; and any pertinent notes. Both the Call Center staff and the Volunteer Ride Coordinator can access and modify this sheet. This is where the Volunteer Ride Coordinator fills in the volunteers’ names once a driver volunteers.

The Volunteer Ride Coordinator needs to have a group email of the drivers. Once or twice a day, the Volunteer Ride Coordinator emails a summary of outstanding ride requests to volunteer drivers without identifying passenger information such as names, addresses, or phone numbers. Example: “A Bealeton woman has an 11:30 appointment am Thursday on Hospital Hill. On Tuesday, the 11th, an Amissville man has a 3 pm appointment in Gainesville.”

The Volunteer Ride Coordinator monitors the responses from volunteers, and when a volunteer is matched with a ride, emails the passenger’s name and contact information, along with the appointment date, time, and place to the volunteer driver. The Volunteer Ride Coordinator then records the volunteer driver’s name on Google Sheets. Volunteer Ride Coordinator should also update requests often so volunteer drivers know what requests have not yet been filled.

Volunteer Ride Coordinator should contact the passenger to let them know that a driver has been found and the volunteer driver will be contacting them shortly.

Volunteer Ride Coordinator is responsible for collecting the ride data to report to the VolTran Board. This information should include, dates, miles, and volunteer hours (Board needs totals for each month and also a record of volunteer hours and miles for each volunteer driver). It is also important to record any unfilled requests.

To become a volunteer with VolTran, the person must fill out an application form.

The Volunteer Trainer conducts the orientation/training sessions for new volunteers. It is their responsibility to make sure each volunteer has the VolTran Volunteer Manual and the Driver Insurance information. The Volunteer Trainer will work with a Board member should the manual need to be updated. Training materials also include VolTran brochures and the VolTran PowerPoint presentation.

The Volunteer Trainer will keep a roster of all volunteers who have been trained and give this roster to the Volunteer Retention and Development person for their records. It is the policy of VolTran to accept a volunteer driver into our program who is currently approved to drive for another volunteer driving program such as RappAtHome, Road to Recovery, or RRCS. They are exempt from taking a formal training but should be oriented to our program by the Volunteer Trainer.

To become a volunteer with VolTran, the person must fill out an application form.

Volunteer is the spokesperson for VolTran in the community. Volunteer schedules presentations to community groups with the purpose of spreading the word about VolTran services and encouraging new volunteers to join our organization.

Volunteer keeps the poster boards, brochures, and marketing materials and has them available to others. Volunteer also monitors supplies and supply requests from volunteers by keeping track of budget available for these items. Volunteer takes care of printing requests with Remington Press and other vendors as needed.

To become a volunteer with VolTran, the person must fill out an application form.

Volunteer writes up thank you letters for donors, obtains the signature of the Board President, and mails out the letters in a timely manner.

Volunteer monitors the website, social media and forwards any emails or requests to the appropriate volunteer. Volunteer also updates the site as needed by coordinating with the VolTran Board President.

To become a volunteer with VolTran, the person must fill out an application form.

This duty is the responsibility of VolTran Board Members, however, a volunteer can offer to attend these meetings for a Board Member should they be interested in doing so in order for VolTran to have representation at the meeting. There is a list of Community Partner organizations (under the Public Relations/Community Outreach section of the Operations Manual). Each board member chooses at least one Community Partner’s meeting to attend as a representative of VolTran. A Board Member may not be able to attend all the meetings because of other commitments, but by partnering with a volunteer, VolTran can be represented at the meetings.

To become a volunteer with VolTran, the person must fill out an application form.

To become a board member with VolTran, the person must be someone who brings a diversity of skills and background to the VolTran, including but not limited to, the ability to raise funds, contacts in the community, expertise, and demonstrated leadership in the skills needed to assist the board in meeting its goals.

To become a volunteer with VolTran, the person must fill out an application form.

To be a member of the advisory board with VolTran, the person must have the same qualifications as a board member but that person does not have a vote on any issues coming before the board. Advisory board members are there for their expertise and advice only. They are welcome to attend any or all board meetings.

To become a volunteer with VolTran, the person must fill out an application form.